Friday, 20 March 2015

How to make simple 10W amplifier.

       The circuit which I am going to show today is based on TEA2025B IC. I have modified the cirucit little bit. I removed the distortion and some unnecessary parts. In bridge mode it gives a output voltage till 7V approximately. But I modified this circuit such that it gives output voltage at around 12V.

       What I did is, I removed some capacitors and added some capacitors at the input to remove the distortion ( humming sound ). I used a 16V 2A power supply. Assembled exhaust fan with heat sink . I used exhaust fan because I gave 16V according to IC's datasheet maximum voltage is 12V. Due to this I can get more out of this IC.
       The schematic of my circuit is as follows:



    The part circled in red are the parts which I have replaced.


  • Keep a heat sink on ic which has a exhaust fan on it.
  • Do not give more voltage.
  • If something is destroyed or damaged I am not responsible.
  • Do it on your own risk.

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